Knock, Knock. Who's There?

For the month of May, TEA’s canvass team will be knocking on doors in South Etobicoke. 

Please take the time to speak with them about TEA’s initiatives and how we advocate for cleaner and healthier neighborhoods!

TEA_Canvass_with_air_monitors_April2015.JPGTEA’s canvass team testing out the INHALE Project's portable air monitors

Our canvass team will be able to answer your questions about TEA’s INHALE Project - as well as other campaigns related to climate change, waste management and toxic chemicals.

Community dialogue and grassroots mobilizing are top priorities for TEA; the more support we have from citizens for the environment the stronger our collective voice is at City Council!

At your doorstep, we provide you with the latest environmental news and give you opportunities to engage with your elected officials. We ask for your financial support to sustain our advocacy efforts now and in the future.


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