Air Monitoring FAQs

How does the DC1700 Air Quality Monitor measure air quality?


The monitor uses a pump to draw up air into the device and then counts the number of particles that pass through a laser in a given period of time. This number of particles corresponds to a concentration of particulate matter which can be calculated.

How long can the DC1700 run unplugged?


The device's battery lasts up to 6 hours during continuous use.

How often does the DC1700 measure air quality data while running?


The DC1700 averages and logs the air quality data every 10 seconds. This data is saved on the device's internal memory. 

Will the DC1700 run out of memory while in use?


The device can store about a week’s worth of continuous data, so it shouldn’t be an issue during the loan period. When the memory gets filled, the new data overwrites the oldest saved data.

How long does the DC1700 take to recharge?


The device may take +12 hours to charge if fully uncharged, keep it off while charging.

What do the numbers displayed on the DC1700's screen mean?


The device measures particulate matter. Small particles (0.5 microns or smaller) are displayed on the left. Larger particles (2.5 microns or larger) displayed on the right. The larger the number displayed, the poorer the air quality.

DC1700 Air Quality Monitor

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