Environment Hamilton and Toronto Environmental Alliance have launched an innovative project called INHALE, which stands for Initiative for Healthy Air & Local Economies. This is the first initiative in Canada where local residents can do their own air monitoring by moving around their neighbourhood using basic equipment that measures air pollution and tracks their whereabouts on a GPS unit.

“By signing up as an INHALE Community Air Tracker local residents become more than volunteers, they become citizen scientists. With the simple press of a button, they collect valuable data about the air pollution in their community.”
- Heather Marshall, Project Lead for INHALE Toronto

“INHALE will engage people in conversations around urban quality of life by involving them in the collection of neighbourhood air quality data.  We can use this information to spark community level conversations and neighbourhood action for positive change”.
- Lynda Lukasik, Project Lead for INHALE Hamilton

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Press Releases

March 27, 2015: Environmental Groups Launch “Do It Yourself” Air Monitoring Project in Hamilton & Toronto


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