Air Monitoring Sign Up

Please note, this page is for INHALE Community Air Trackers who have received training either through a group walkabout or through a one-on-one training. If you would like to become a Community Air Tracker and are new to the INHALE Project, please fill out the volunteer form

To help us schedule our monitors, please use this calendar to sign up to monitor for one week at a time. 

Instructions for signing up to monitor: 

1. Pick when you would like to monitor out of the weeks listed on the calendar. Click to "read more."

2. Fill out your name, email and phone number (optional) using the RSVP form. If there is no RSVP form visible, all monitors have been booked out for this week. 

3. Pick a time to pick up monitor by selecting a date and time under "shifts". Please note that the dates listed for monitor pick up and drop off are primarily Tuesdays. Alternate arrangements can made if this doesn't work for you. 

4. Click "send RSVP." We'll be in touch with you shortly to confirm a monitor is available for the week you selected and arrange alternate pick up and drop off times if needed. 

Please note: we may be unable to give you a monitor on the day that you select if a monitor is either returned late or we have some technical issues. 

No monitoring shifts yet.

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